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Experimenting with smoothies

B and her man gave me a blender the other day and I'm using it to explore the world of smoothies.  I've made a coupld with what I had on hand; apple juice, bananas that were soft and bruised and wouldn't last another day, an orange. strawberries.  Pretty tasty, but I have to get used to a nice milder tast that doesn't reek of white sugar.  I've been trying it with tea and coffee, but it isn't quite working; I'm using stronger flavored teas and mocha sauce and caramel syrup in my coffee, but I still end up overdoing the sugar.  I had honey for the smoothie but it had gone tatally hard, so I tossed it and bought another today.

I also baught some apples, kale (which I've never had before, but the internet says it's good in smoothies), cocoa powder, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some frozen fruit/veggie/melon mixes that will cool the mixture.  My freezer is so full I had to take out the ice trays, so no ice.  I think it will taste and feel better colder.  I bought a carton of almond milk, and I'm cold brewing a 2-quart bottle of green tea as alternate bases with the apple juice.  I had orange juice, but it was so old it was in the same state as the honey.  Gross!

I'm baaaack!!

It's been a hell of a long time since I've posted here.  I was out on the street, pitching a tent behind the storage place, for three years.  Getting sicker and sicker, feeling worse and worse, I just was not in any kind of mood to write down and remember anything of that time.  But I moved into this cottage just shy of one year ago and, even though physically I'm in more pain, I have more reason to feel better emotionally.  I'm sitting at my tiny kitchen table with the window open and the breeze nice and not to cold.  The brown painted concrete floor is dirty and desperately needs a good sweep-and-mop, but just looking at the moving shadows of the sun through the trees on it makes me feel good...content even

My back, hip, and belly muscles hurt if I move wrong, and all the tree polen in the air is kicking up my allergies, but I'm so grateful to be able to sit in my own space and sleep in my own bed on my own time schedule.  I really hope I don't do something to fuck itup and get kicked out of here.  I jsut could not take living ont he street again.  I can't do it.

More later...
I broke down and reserved another room at Motel 6 for two nights. I had to do something. My last night in a bed was four or five days ago and I'm going insane. I been going back and forth between Kinkos, IHoP, and Barnes and Noble, with just little cat naps, only sleeping heavy for a few seconds at a time. And I'm so sleepy and exhausted I can't think straight...

I typed this yesterday at Kinkos and somehow lost the internet connection right as was going to stop the rant cold to pick it up later. I was jumpy and couldn't sit still, but too drowsy and exhausted to even walk straight. And my hip was on fire! Right now I'm sitting in another room at Motel 6. I've had a nap -- about an hour, hour and a half -- and the rest of IHoP's potato dish. I got my bike back, with two new tires so I can get around without so much time and pain. Four days with being able to lay down and I just knew I was going insane. Got the room for two days; then I'll start going out to Sally and the park every day, hoping for a bed. Haven't decided what to do about the bike. Maybe park it at storage until I get a bed, then keep it at Sally for trips to the library, using the granny cart or a suitcase to exchange clothes. That sounds like the best plan right now. Hauling that damn bike on and off the light rail is a killer. I haven't decided which is worse; riding and lifting the bike, or walking and hurting so bad.

I really needed the nap. I couldn't really afford the room, but at the time I could NOT afford not to get it. If I don't have Sally space by next Monday, maybe I'll have to do this again. At least IHoP food is good, and now that I have the bike back I can do Mimi's, Taco Bell, KFC/A&W, and Denny's.

A trip to the library

I finally got around to returning all the library books and tapes I've had in storage for months and months. I went over to the Arcade branch on Marconi with the whole load. The overdue fee came to $111, which was willing, if no overjoyed, to pay with my ATM card. It was only my doing that held them back for so long. But after I explained that the items were kept in storage because I was homeless and in and out of shelters they waived most of the fee and lowered it to just $10, which I happened to have in cash. So I'm free and clear when it comes to the Sacramento Public Library. I just have to square it away with the collection agency if they call again. The librarian said it would take about 24 hours for them to be notified.

On the way out of the library I stopped at the shelf where they had books for sale; paperbacks ten to 25 cents and hard covers for 75¢ or a dollar. I saw a couple of Stephen Kings I briefly thought over getting, and one of Mercedes Lackey's Tarma and Kethry books that I probably still have in storage, so I passed over that. If I don't have it it's most likely available on Nook. The I saw the real prize. A paperback copy of Robert McCammon's Baal. Wow! I've been looking for a copy of that for ages. It's been out of print for about twenty years. I snatched that up and it only cost me 25 cents. If I'd had a third dime I would have paid 30¢ and not worried about it. Baal! Wow!

It was dark by the time I left the library and it was nerve wracking experience getting home. I couldn't see half the street signs and I turned the wrong way a couple times. Going up Howe Ave -- or was I on ElCamino?) on the way there was torture. On one long stretch there was no sidewalk and the 'bike lane' was only about three or four inches wide. The cars whizzing by me at top speed made me very nervous. Just when the lane widened just a bit a truck towing a car on a trailer noisily bounced by me. I almost pissed myself in fear and panic. There was no way I could go back the same way, especially after the sun went down. It was bad going back down Bell Street, but I didn't have any such panic moments.

I stopped at KFC on Bell and Arden and got a filet meal to go; one piece chicken, fries, one biscuit, and drink. A bit shaky bring a full soda back in the basket, but I shoved it in the corner held up by the box, a bottle of water, and the bike lock. I could afford to not fill it up to the rim because I left the ice out. There's an ice machine here.

I want to list all the items I returned to the library today. Some of them I never watched or listened to and there are some I want to get again.

When the Levees Broke
The Dead Zone
The Jungle Book (plan on buying it later along with Fantasia, Fantasia II, and Heavy Metal I & II)
Babies (later, maybe)
Daredevil (maybe rent later)
Excalibur (maybe rent later)
Machete (plan on buying it soonest)
King Arthur (bored with it)
Religulous (watched)
Insidious (watched)
Shaft (forgot had had it)

The Vulture and The Nigger Factory (found my own copy)
Fiona (maybe later)
Glory and the Lightning (maybe later)
New Rules red
The Last Days of the Late Great State of California ( I think I already have this)

book on tape:
War of the Worlds

Total: 17 items

A Wrestling RIP

On a whim I checked Wikipedia for Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong, I guess see if they had any current pictures. I was shocked to see a date of death for Brad. Just over three weeks ago, on November 1, 2012, Lori Spranz came home from taking her daughter Jillian to school and noticed that her husband Brad (Armstrong) James wasn't breathing. The paramedics could not revive him and a wrestling legend was dead at the age of 51. (Wiki says 50 but all the other online articles say 51. His birthday is listed on Wiki as June 15, 1962 which made him fifty this year. But Google says 1962, as do all the other sources. So I'll go with 51.) Brad (b. Robert Bradley James) is survided by Lori his wife of fourteen years, their eleven year old daughter, his father 'Bullet' Bob, and three brothers, Steve, Scott, and Brian, all wrestlers themselves.

Haven't watched wrestling in years but Brad hasn't never been forgotten. He is literally the first wrestler I ever saw on TV. I was flipping through station with my finger holding down the channel button on the remote when I caught the flash of the ropes of what I though to be a boxing ring. Curious to see who was fighting I doubled back and saw that it wasn't boxing that was on, but wrestling. And in the ring was a young, muscled, incredibly handsome young man with curly hair and a gorgeous ass. That was Brad Armstrong and I was in lust. When I saw him wrestling with his daddy, I was even more hooked. Older and more careworn, Bob was just as sexy as his son. I was to later get caught up in Texas wrestling, with the Von Erichs and the Simpson brothers, but the Armstrong father and son out of Georgia were my first wrestling loves. And Von Erich senior, though more famous had nothing on Robert James Senior, who, at 73, is still going strong.

Rest in peace, Brad Armstrong. You'll never be forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving my ass part 2

On a whim I called Erma when I woke up about 7:30. Talked to her and Loretta. She said that Oscar was killed in a tree cutting accident when some machinery fell on him ABOUT TWO GODDAMN MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!! I guess I'm not close enough family to be informed of the death of my mother's brother. She said the Tony knows but I guess letting me know just slipped his mind. I see where I stand with these people -- out of sight, out of mind -- and it ain't ever gonna change. Let's see if any of them call me for Xmas. I bet not...

Happy Thanksgiving my ass

I'm still at Motel 6 for another week. Hope to have a bed somewhere lined up by the 28th, probably at Salvation Army but better back at Bell. At least Eddie gave me my November rent back. I have food plans for that, and probably 2 months at storage. Depending on what's open when on T-day I'm killing the last of the Lucky Express (I love their food but four days of nothing but Chinese does put me off it for a while), KFC/A&W, IHoP, grilled cheese at Johnny Rockets. Maybe Applebees or Coco's. They're close by. Hell, Applebees is right across the parking lot. So is Chili's; I checked out there menu online but nothing caught my interest. Starbucks is on the other end of the lot. I'll see about adding to my card. The mall is closed all day Thursday, but opens at midnight Friday morning. That reminds me...wanna hit somewhere to get some egg nog. I like the flavored stuff.

homeless again

I got exited from the Readiness Program last Friday the 9th of November. Alexis was 'nice' enough to let me stay one last night, giving me until 9 a.m. instead of the half hour she originally gave me. I spent all night packing and running trips to the storage unit. I laid down for a bit of sleep for about an hour around three o'clock, didn't get undressed, and never took out my teeth. Thanks to Stacey for letting me pack everything into her car and taking me to my storage unit. I had to leave the five stacking crates and granny cart behind and Stacey brought them to the storage today, Tuesday, her day off.

I rented a room at Motel 6 for Saturday and Sunday, then spent Monday and Tuesday (tonight) hanging on the street. Well, not on the street exactly. Sat outside the book store for the wifi until closing then to FedEx until somewhere around three in the morning. I listened to podcasts and watched movies before moving on to Denny's for biscuits and gravy. Tonight I'm so tired and sleepy I'm nodding off through the podcasts. And I'm going to IHoP for biscuits and gravy with sausage.

The storage place opens at six so I went and sat on the floor in the corridor outside my space and slept for an hour or so. I think I'll sleep longer today. I'm so sleep deprived. If the money shows up in my bank account today I'm going back to Motel 6 for a week. I'll worry about the next week when it's the next week. I need sleep. I can't focus on what I'm writing now. I keep having to backspace/delete for typos.



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